Redlands Mens Discipleships

In our Fellowship we put a special emphasis on men. Men who will live for God are a great blessing to their families and especially their children as they lead the way to Christ by example. This brings great stability and security to the home and allows the family to grow in the grace of God. As a Fellowship we encourage men to pick up the mantle of God and become disciples, or students of the Word of God. For those who are called to preach we actively train them in the word of God on a personal and practical ministry level. Part of that training is accomplished through the Redlands Men’s Discipleships

Greg MitchellMar. 14, 2022
Scott LambApr. 18, 2022
Greg MitchellMay 16, 2022
Tom PayneJune 13, 2022
Oct. 17, 2022 Oct. 17, 2022
Paul StephensNov. 21, 2022
Richard RubiDec. 12, 2022